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Roman Statkowski (1859-1925)
Piano works - vol. II
AP0176 , DDD - TT: 61'56"
Copyright (R)2007, (C)2008
World Premiere Recording

  1. 2 Idylles op. 18
  2. - I in E major
  3. - II in A flat major
  4. 3 Obereks op. 22
  5. - I in C major
  6. - II in A flat major
  7. - III in D major
  8. 3 Mazureks op. 24
  9. - I in G minor
  10. - II in D major
  11. - III in A major
  12. 3 Piecettes polonaises op. 9
  13. - I Cracovienne - reverie
  14. - II Oberek
  15. - III Dumka
  16. 3 Krakowiaks op. 23
  17. - I in C sharp minor
  18. - II in B flat major
  19. - III in D flat major
  20. 6 Pieces op. 16
  21. - I Capriccio
  22. - II Impromptu
  23. - III Valse
  24. - IV All'antico
  25. - V Alla burla
  26. - VI Aupres de la fontaine

Karaśkiewicz Barbara, piano

booklet: Barbara Chmara-Żaczkiewicz (Polish, English French)

In my search of forgotten Polish music I have come across another "uncharted territory" - the figure of Roman Statkowski. His operatic, symphonic, chamber, or solo output is familiar only through dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Until very recently no Polish artist or ensemble, not to mention foreign ones, performed his works. My contact in 2004 with the excellent pianist of the younger generation, Barbara Karaśkiewicz, radically changed this situation. Our common fascination of Roman Statkowski and his music soon bore fruit in beautiful recordings of his piano works. At the same time, the artist has included these worthwhile pieces in the programme of her recitals: she is the only pianist that can boast of being able to perform the entire piano output of this great composer. I believe that thanks to these albums, which present piano works composed by Roman Statkowski, he will get through not only to music lovers, but also musicians, who will include some of these pieces in their repertoires. We will be happy to give access to his scores to anyone interested in performing them. Based on the general idea of promoting Polish culture, we chose for the cover of the album a detail of a painting by the great Polish artist, Józef Chełmoński, a contemporary of the composer. [Jan A. Jarnicki/Warszawa, November 2005]