Anton Kątski (1817-1899)
Romances and Songs
DDD – TT: 74’02”
©2022 – ℗8 III 2022
Recorded: 2021
  1. Romances and Songs
  2. Ave Maria
  3. Mnie tylko żal ciebie (I only feel sorry for you). Dumka
  4. L’inconstant – Cangio d’amor (The inconstant – Love song)
  5. Dream of Love

Magdalena Molendowska, soprano
Donata Zuliani, mezzo-soprano
Anna Mikolon, piano
Anna Sawicka, cello

booklet: Anna Mikolon (Polish, English)


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Nasz Dziennik no. 103,  6-7 May 2023

    Romances and Songs
    I like to sit alone
    Through my tears I look into the light
    Black your eyes
    Some are not, some are sorry
    My farewell
    I lost my heart
    My enchantress
    Masha’s song
    No, not you...
    Lovely friend, don’t go away
    At the sight of you
    I know it’s my destiny
    If you love me
    What will happen to me, I don’t know
    Come to me when I am sad
    Don’t cry, don’t cry, my child
    Oh don’t look ahead my friend
    A ball on ice
    Ave Maria
    I only feel sorry for you
    The inconstant – Love song
    Dream of Love