Yoshinao Nakada (1923-2000)
DDD – TT: 62’08”
©2011 – ℗1 X 2011
Recorded: 2011
  1. Cherry Alley (Wiśniowa aleja)
  2. The Lullaby (Kołysanka)
  3. Dandelions (Mlecz)
  4. When I Feel Sad (Kiedy jestem smutny)
  5. Talking With the Mist (Rozmawiałam z mgłą)
  6. A Horned Owl (Puszczyk)
  7. Gate to the Unknown World (Nieznana furtka)
  8. Songs of Japanese Toys (Pieśni japońskich zabawek)
  9. Six Children’s Songs (Sześć pieśni dziecięcych)
  10. Eight Children’s Songs (Osiem pieśni dziecięcych)

Waleria Przelaskowska-Rokita, mezzo-soprano
Witold Wołoszyński, piano

booklet: Waleria Przelaskowska-Rokita (Polish, English)


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    Cherry Alley
    The Lullaby
    When I Feel Sad
    Talking With the Mist
    A Horned Ow
    Gate to the Unknown World
    Songs of Japanese Toys
    A Maiden Doll
    A Yoyo
    Dibs and Marbles
    A Winter Cherry of the Sea and a Boy
    My Bamboo Dragonfly
    Where is the Festival
    The Paper Baloon
    Six Children’s Songs
    The Baby Carriage
    The Crow
    The Wind Baby
    Pond Snail
    Slumber Tree
    Eight Children's Songs
    The Walnut’s Home
    Please, Mr. Bee (P
    Rainy Day
    The Happy Elephant
    A Song of Scents
    The Other Side of the Bank
    Come Mother! Come!