Jan Tarasiewicz (1889-1961)
Piano and Vocal Works

DDD – TT: 64’38”
©2000 – ℗18 V 2000
Recorded: 1999

  1. Prelude and Toccata in C sharp minor
  2. Suite no. 1 in D major in four parts
  3. Suite no. 2 – fragments
  4. Polka in E major
  5. The Song
  6. Autumn song
  7. Sad Waltz in E minor
  8. Nocturne in A flat major
  9. Love song in B flat minor
  10. 6 Mournful songs Songs: Why boys are sad?
  11. My motherland
  12. Lullaby
  13. Kasienka

Irina Shumilina, piano
Anna Korzenevskaya, piano
Igor Olovnikov, piano
TatianaTsybulskaya, soprano
Victor Skorobogatov, baritone
The Student’s Choir of The Belarussian Academy of Music

booklet: Victor Skorabogatov (Polish, English, Belorussian, Russian)


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    Preludio e toccata in C sharp minor
    Suite no. 1 in D major in four parts
    Valse in D major
    Berceuse populaire in F sharp minor
    Mazurka in F sharp minor
    Danse polka in D major
    Suite no. 2 (fragments)
    La vielle chansonette romane in E flat major
    Mignon (une valse) in A flat major
    Marche militaire in E flat major
    Polka. Sur duex thèmes bielorussiennes in E major
    Pieśń (The Song)
    Pieśń jesienna (Autumn song)
    Pieśni żałobne (Mournful songs)
    Why boys are sad?
    Moja ojczyzna (My motherland)
    Kołysanka (Lullaby)
    Kasieńka (Mazureczek) (Kate – little mazurka)
    Valse sombre in E minor
    Nocturne in A flat major
    Chanson d’amour in B flat minor