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Jakub Sarwas (1977)
Prism 1
AP0341 , DDD - TT: 66'48"
Copyright (R)2006/9/12/14, (C)15 I 2015
World Premiere Recording

  1. Prism for flute
  2. Three-O
  3. Prism for cello
  4. One in Opposite
  5. Prism for violin
  6. From origin to apogee
  7. Prism for oboe

.Das Neue Ensemble,
Akiko Ahrendt Sabine, violin/viola
Sauer Brigitte, flute/alto flute/bass flute
Grimm Udo, clarinet/bass clarinet/contrabass clarinet
.Ensemble Aeolian Trio,
Levine Carin, flute/alto flute/bass flute
Veale Peter, oboe
Gallois Pascal, bassoon
.Soloists of work in progress - Berlin,
Plümer Katrin, flute
Michel Peter, oboe
Voutchkova Biliana, violin
Gejrot Marika, cello
.Lasoń Ensemble,
Lasoń Krzysztof, violin
Lasoń Stanisław, cello
Sałajczyk Piotr, piano

booklet: Dorota Staszkiewicz (Polish, English)