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Hans Huber (1852-1921)
Works for violin and piano
AP0266 , DDD - TT: 68'23"
Copyright (R)2010/11, (C)12 X 2012
World Premiere Recording

  1. Sonata no. 2 in B flat major op. 42
  2. Sonata no. 7 in G major op. 119 "Graziosa"
  3. Poetic Pieces op. 99 (selection)

Marucha Agnieszka, violin
Pawłowski Tomasz, piano

booklet: Agnieszka Marucha (Polish, English, German)

Hans Huber was the most prolific Swiss composer of the Romantic era. Most important musical influences on him were, initially Schumann, later Liszt, Brahms. However, he very quickly managed to evolve his own individual style of characteristic harmonies as well as agogic and rhythmic patterns. Huber's violin compositions are full of depth and valuable artistic qualities. Between 1870-1874 he studied at the Leipzig Music Conservatory. In 1889 he took up the post of Piano Professor at the City of Basel Music Academy, going on to become the Head of the same school (1896-1917). He also spent time performing as a soloist and accompanist, mainly with his singer wife Ida Petzold. An illness disrupted his pedagogical and performance activities. Huber's works were frequently performed during his lifetime and they were published by the most prestigious publishing houses and highly appreciated. His cantata Pandora op. 66 and his 1st Symphony "Tell" op. 63 enjoyed considerable success. Huber was the only Swiss composer who was internationally known and who took an active part in the cultural life of the main European capitals in the early 20th century.