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Aleksander Tansman (1897-1986)
Pour les enfants - Piano Miniatures
AP0255 , DDD - TT: 61'32"
Copyright (R)2011, (C)I 2012
World Premiere Recording

  1. Quatre recueils de difficulté progressive
  2. Piano Miniatures

Tyszecka Elżbieta, piano

booklet: Elżbieta Tyszecka (Polish, English)

Works for the children and teenagers hold a very important place within the output of Aleksander Tansman. The composer began writing them in 1933 and finished this unusual cycle in 1972 with easy pieces for guitar. Aleksander Tansman specified the purpose of writing these pieces in the following words: "I wanted to bridge the abysmal gap, for a very young pianist, between the school's methodical exercises and the real repertoire of the great masters. At least partially. What I had in mind was to overcome the stylistic, technical and aesthetic difficulties, (...) to construct a bridge between scales and exercises on the one hand and the whole repertory from Bach and Haendel until the present times on the other". The works written by the Polish composer were eagerly played by students of European and American schools of music. Among several hundred compositions for young performers that Aleksander Tansman wrote piano works are predominant. Having said that, it needs to be mentioned that the composer also took great care to create a platform for young musicians to crack the hard nut of accompaniment and chamber ensemble playing. In the latter output he wrote pieces for violin and piano, two violins, cello and piano, as well as trios intended for violin, cello and piano, and piano compositions for four hands.