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Almost in the air
Antichi strumenti, nuovi suoni
AP0254 , DDD - TT: 49'49"
Copyright (R)2011, (C)2011

  1. Nobuo Uematsu - Ronfaure
  2. Yann Tiersen - Comptine d'un autre été
  3. Joe Hisaishi - Summer from Kikujiro
  4. Guido Ponzini - Forbidden Clouds
  5. Nobuo Uematsu - Music Box
  6. Yann Tiersen - Sur le fil
  7. Giovanni Sollima - Terra Aria
  8. Nobuo Uematsu - To Zanarkand
  9. Joe Hisaishi - Princess Mononoke
  10. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
  11. Philip Glass - Opening from Glassworks
  12. Joe Hisaishi - Always with me
  13. Joe Hisaishi - Madness
  14. Massimo Moretti - Flows no. 9
  15. Philip Glass - Truman Sleeps
  16. Nobuo Uematsu - Gold Saucer

.MG_INC duo,
Farina Myriam, harp
Ponzini Guido, viola da gamba

booklet: Guido Ponzini, Myriam Farina (Polish, English, Italian)

MG_INC project focuses on contemporary music from all over the world and it's the result of a long journey through the compositions of Philip Glass, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Joe Hisaishi, Yann Tiersen, Nobuo Uematsu, Giovanni Sollima, arranged in a new, fun and fresh way by a young dynamic duo. Two unusual instruments, from different ages and conceptions, meet each other for the first time on a foreign ground for both. Viola da gamba, baroque instrument for antomasia, is now played in a totally new and contemporary way, merged with the magical atmospheres of the harp to give a unique, remarkable and completely new point of view with its ancient soundscapes to the contemporary compositions.