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Ludomir Różycki (1883-1953)
Chamber works with piano
AP0253 , DDD - TT: 72'43"
Copyright (R)2007/8/10, (C)X 2012
World Premiere Recording

  1. Piano Quintet Op. 35
  2. Rhapsody Op. 33
  3. Cello Sonata Op. 10

Godziszewski Jerzy, piano
.Wilanów String Quartet,
Gadzina Tadeusz, Ist violin
Łosakiewicz Paweł, IInd violin
Duź Ryszard, viola
Wasiółka Marian, cello

booklet: Maryla Renat (Polish, English)

Ludomir Różycki has been renowned and admired as a composer of theatre music and symphonic poems, and as a founding member of the Młoda Polska (Young Poland) movement. His chamber and solo works, which perfectly complement his pieces for the stage and symphonies, have so far lain in the shadow of the latter, which is in itself a widespread phenomenon of concert reality: only a small portion of a composer's oeuvre is taken into account, giving an incomplete picture of his overall achievement and promoting prefabricated notions. Our primary interest on this record centres on Różycki's early Młoda Polska phase. This initial stage, lasting until 1916, bears a testimony of a beginner composer responding to the current modernist trends and influences of Western European music. The output of many an ambitious composer living at the turn of the twentieth century was marked by the synthesis of the late Romantic style with impressionistic colours on the one hand and symptoms of expressionism on the other hand. Różycki's youthful works were characterised by the same progressive attitude.