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Marian Sawa (1937-2005)
Organ Works - V
AP0250 , DDD - TT: 69'24"
Copyright (R)2011, (C)2011
World Premiere Recording

  1. 3 Elegies (1995)
  2. Polish Preludes (2002)
  3. Preludes on Polish church'a songs (2003)
  4. Sonata Hafis (1995)
  5. Toccata and Fugue (2004)

Rzyman Bartosz Patryk, organ

booklet: Bartosz Patryk Rzyman, Maria Ewa Syska (Polish, English)

Marian Sawa was a Polish composer, organist, improviser, musicologist and pedagogue. He graduaded from the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw and received diplomas in Feliks Rączkowski's organ class and Kazimierz Sikorski's composition class. He was a laureate of many composition prizes. He received a lot of prizes for teaching achievements as well as for songs for children. Sawa is an author of the song Coloured pencils. He cooperated with many soloists and choirs. He became famous for being outstanding improviser. He toured as a soloist and an accompanist around the country and abroad. Artistic work of Marian Sawa is unusually rich and extensive. Altogether he composed a few hundred pieces. He wrote instrumental, vocal and vocal-instrumental work. To the head of possessions an organ and choral production is coming out. Deep, serious, mystical works are appearing among organ pieces straight out infused with spirituality, dramatic as well as busy, energetic, brilliant and with time even witty and grotesque. Many of his works evolved from a religious inspiration, including numerous pieces for a mixed choir and a men choir a capella but also great cantata- oratorio forms. In his music he often recalled gregorian chant, polish church songs and polish folklor.