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Roman Berger (1930)
AP0091-92 , DDD - TT: 135'39" - 2CD BOX
Copyright (R)1988, 1993, 2001, (C)2003
World Premiere Recording

  1. Exodus for organ
  2. Adagio I - for Jan Branny for violin and piano
  3. Adagio II - Penance for Krystyna and Bohdan Pociej for violin and piano

Michalko Ján Vladimír, organ
Bogacz Pavel, violin
Šašinová-Saturyová Dana, piano
Varínska Daniela, piano

booklet: Roman Berger, Jerzy Kukla, Bohdan Pociej (Polish, English, French, Slovak)

...Less patterned, more structurally free than the Messiaen works that one immediately evokes for comparison, it nonetheless shares something of their rich harmonic language. A better comparison might be the "First Organ Symphony" of Sorabji, though the extended open-textured meditative passages in Berger's work would not have appealed to Sorabji, one feels (...) The coupling of this piece with the two "Adagios" for violin and piano is a surprising one, but it makes sense the second, lasting a full half hour, begins with a simple, slow chorale and builds to something evocative of religious ecstasy... Records International