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Krzysztof Meyer (1943)
Chamber Works
AP0076 , DDD - TT: 64'06"
Copyright (R)2001, (C)2001
World Premiere Recording

  1. Concerto retro per flauto, violino, violoncello e cembalo op. 39
  2. Ist Piano Sonata op. 5
  3. Sonata per flauti soli op. 52
  4. Au dela d'une absence - 16eme Quatuor a cordes op. 89

Gajewska Elżbieta, flute
Meyer Krzysztof, piano & harpsichord
Słowiński Krzysztof, piano
.Wilanów String Quartet,
Gadzina Tadeusz, Ist violin
Łosakiewicz Paweł, IInd violin
Duź Ryszard, viola
Wasiółka Marian, cello

booklet: Krzysztof Meyer (Polish, English, German)

Meyer can produce music of some complexity and modernity but, except for the early "Piano sonata" which is strictly dodecaphonic, this music is tonal (neo-classical in the "Concerto retro" which is a delightful, relaxed six-movement suite in the baroque style which so many Polish composers seem to enjoy doing). The "Au dela..". is a tribute to the quartet cycle of Shostakovich the 16th quartet reference in the work's title refers to the next in the series of 24 quartets the great Russian composer would have written had he lived long enough and Meyer has written a quasi-Shostakovichian piece which, however, is rather more relaxed and genial than many listeners would associate with that composer. Records International