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Karol Rathaus (1895-1954)
Complete String Quartets
AP0069 , DDD - TT: 61'59"
Copyright (R)2000/1, (C)2001
World Premiere Recording

  1. String Quartet no. 3 op. 41
  2. String Quartet no. 4 op. 59
  3. String Quartet no. 5 op. 72

.Amar Corde String Quartet,
Stuhr Barbara, Ist violin
Ziegelheim Bogusława, IInd violin
Płoska Beata, viola
Zając Agata, cello

booklet: Magdalena Adamek (Polish, English)

Polyphony and intensive motivic transformation play important roles in Rathaus' quartets. They are atonal although actual dodecaphony only appears in the fifth quartet the others flirt with tonal relations and feature intricate rhythmic play and the layering of the different voices in a Bartókian fashion. Rathaus' voice is that of expressionism and late Romanticism, transformed by the currents of the German avant-garde of the 10s and 20s and his third quartet, in particular, has a constant sense of unease, anxiety and mystery while the fourth is the most harmonically consolidated and friendly to the ear. Records International