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Thomas D. A. Tellefsen (1823-1874)
Complete Works - III
AP0064 , DDD - TT: 67'21"
Copyright (R)2001, (C)2002
World Premiere Recording

  1. Valse op. 27 in D flat major
  2. Ballade op. 28
  3. Mazurka op. 33 in A major
  4. Tarantelle op. 6
  5. Nocturne op. 17 in G minor
  6. Adagio et Rondo op. 10
  7. Quatre Mazurkas op. 3
  8. Bruraslaatten op. 26
  9. Huldredansen op. 9
  10. Mélodies écossaises op. 42
  11. Nocturne op. 2 in F major
  12. Pavane de la Reine Elisabeth op. 44

Jaworska Małgorzata, piano

booklet: Ingrid Loe Dalaker (Polish, English, Norwegian)

This third volume from the Chopin friend/student and Norweigian composer/pianist domiciled in Paris brings more works whose titles would make you expect Chopin knock-offs but which turn out to have Norwegian musical roots for all that they may bear Polish dance titles. And, for the first time, we find three collections of dances titled with their original Norwegian names. Records International