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Twardowski - Rogowski
Choral Orthodox Works
AP0058 , DDD - TT: 61'17"
Copyright (R)2000, (C)2006
World Premiere Recording

  1. Romuald Twardowski (1930) - Orthodox Carol "Oj widit Bog"
  2. Romuald Twardowski (1930) - Orthodox Carol "Na jordanskoj reczey"
  3. Romuald Twardowski (1930) - Orthodox Carol "Wsielannaja wiesielisia"
  4. Romuald Twardowski (1930) - Orthodox Carol "Po wsiomu switu"
  5. Romuald Twardowski (1930) - Orthodox Carol "Nowa radost"
  6. Romuald Twardowski (1930) - Orthodox Carol "Bog priedwiecznyj"
  7. Romuald Twardowski (1930) - Alliłuja
  8. Romuald Twardowski (1930) - Chwalitie Imia Gospodnie
  9. Romuald Twardowski (1930) - Błażen muż
  10. Romuald Twardowski (1930) - Osanna II
  11. Romuald Twardowski (1930) - Woskriesienije Christowo
  12. Romuald Twardowski (1930) - Wsiakoje dychanije
  13. Romuald Twardowski (1930) - Small
  14. Romuald Twardowski (1930) - Small Orthodox Liturgy
  15. Ludomir Michał Rogowski (1881-1954) - Requiem (Panichida) - final fragment

.Cappella Musicae Europae Orientalis,
Zaborowski Leon, conductor
.Zespół Muzyki Cerkiewnej,
Szurbak Jerzy, conductor
.Chór Państwowego Konserwatorium w Mińsku,
Rowdo Wiktor, conductor
.Chór Akademii Medycznej w Białymstoku,
Sawicka Bożena, conductor
.Cappella Bydgostiensis,
Gałoński Stanisław, conductor
.Chór "Stepan Mokranjac",
Spasic Aleksander, conductor

booklet: (Polish, English)

This is Orthodox sacred music which should appeal to collectors of such works by Russian and Bulgarian composers. Particularly noteworthy is Twardowski's "Small Orthodox Liturgy" which includes orchestra and which begins in the grave serious manner of Janacek's "Glagolitic Mass" and ends up in a bright spirit of rejoicing which is like the 20th century equivalent of the 18th century Czech pastoral masses. Rogowski's piece was written on the murder of the King of Yugoslavia in 1934 and is full of mourning and darkness. Records International