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Władysław Słowiński (1930)
Chamber Works
AP0051 , DDD - TT: 63'37"
Copyright (R)2000, (C)2000
World Premiere Recording

  1. Concertino for harpsichord and string quartet
  2. Espressivo sempre per flauto e quartetto de'archi
  3. Miniatures for piano
  4. Serio e buffo per flauto solo
  5. Suite for Royal Castle for flute and string trio

Gajewska Elżbieta, flute
Kłosiewicz Władysław, harpsichord
Słowiński Krzysztof, piano
.Wilanów String Quartet,
Gadzina Tadeusz, Ist violin
Łosakiewicz Paweł, IInd violin
Duź Ryszard, viola
Wasiółka Marian, cello

booklet: Andrzej Chodkowski (Polish, English)

The "Concertino" and the "Suite" combine baroque form and modern musical language the harpsichord is often used percussively and the flute uses modern playing techniques (both here and in the "Espressivo sempre", where the expressivity is often of a sardonic, ascerbic sort and the string writing has hints of Shostakovich) while fragments of baroque harmony, rhythms and ornamentation peek out from the more complex modern language used. The "Miniatures" are a set of five pieces which border on atonality and which provide room for both virtuosity and expressiveness. Records International