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Jan Tarasiewicz (1889-1961)
Piano and Vocal Works
AP0047 , DDD - TT: 64'38"
Copyright (R)1999, (C)2000
World Premiere Recording

  1. Prelude and Toccata in C sharp minor
  2. Suite no. 1 in D major in four parts
  3. Suite no. 2 - fragments
  4. Polka in E major
  5. The Song
  6. Autumn song
  7. Sad Waltz in E minor
  8. Nocturne in A flat major
  9. Love song in B flat minor
  10. 6 Mournful songs Songs: Why boys are sad?
  11. My motherland
  12. Lullaby
  13. Kasienka

Shumilina Irina, piano
Korzenevskaya Anna, piano
Olovnikov Igor, piano
Tsybulskaya Tatyana, soprano
Skorobogatov Victor, baritone
.The Student's Choir of The Belarussian Academy of Music,

booklet: Victor Skorabogatov (Polish, English, Belorussian, Russian)

Born in what is today Belarus, this Polish composer and teacher was buffeted by the winds of war throughout his life, being forced to move after both World Wars. This recording offers a fascinating "Prelude and Toccata", one of his first published works, two suites of simple children's tunes and three lovely, melancholy piano pieces from his late maturity which are full of the sad, Slavic soul. The remainder of the recital consists of five songs and seven pieces for unaccompanied chorus, all grounded in simple, folk-like romanticism. Records International